How Alec Rose can help you as your Title IX Sexual Harassment or Sexual Violence grievance advisor

Mr. Rose’s goal as your advisor is to  prepare you for every phase of the grievance process, investigation, and hearings and appeals, including:

  • Understanding your school’s Title IX grievance process and the federal and state laws and regulations that govern the process.
  • Understanding what types of evidence and information can be used to present and document your narrative.
  • Gathering evidence and documentation for your narrative.
  • Rebutting claims made by the other side.
  • Presenting a comprehensive narrative of the facts.
  • Practice with presenting sensitive sexual information to investigators, without embarrassment, through appropriate language, in order to present a convincing and thorough narrative of consent.
  • Assistance with interacting with Investigative and Title IX staff.
  • Practicing your narrative in order to make a clear presentation of the facts.
  • Anticipating and answering questions confidently.
  • Where schools, colleges and Universities provide for a hearing, coaching and preparing you before and during the hearing.
  • Drafting written documents such as hearing statements, appeals, and other correspondence with your School, College, or University.
  • Raising objections to your college’s failure to adhere to its own rules or to federal or state requirements.
  • If a Respondent Advisee also faces a criminal investigation, criminal prosecution, a civil lawsuit, or a domestic violence restraining order is involved, Mr. Rose is experienced with assisting or representing you in those matters as well.

Mr. Rose is available for free consultations. Please call (310) 877-5398, email at, or use the contact form.

Mr. Rose is licensed to practice law in California. Your school cannot prevent you from selecting the advisor of your choice, including an attorney or other professional. Outside of California, Mr. Rose’s assistance is educational advice, and does not constitute legal advice or the practice of law. This website, and all of the materials within it, are offered for informational purposes only, and do not constitute legal or educational advice.
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