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How to Prepare for When the Hearing Goes Crazy

One of the most important requirements of Title IX is that schools publish their grievance procedures and stick to them. Without knowing what to expect, a student cannot prepare. This is essential to keeping hearings fair.

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Consent and Intoxication in Sexual Violence Grievances

Providing evidence of consent is a complex process, and without the benefit of an experienced advisor, many students fail to show sufficient evidence of consent or lack of consent to prevail in the grievance process.

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The preponderance of evidence standard of proof for Sexual Harassment and Sexual Violence grievances.

The U.S. Department of Education mandates that schools, colleges, and universities apply the “preponderance of the evidence” standard to determine the merits of sexual violence and sexual harassment grievances. Preponderance of the evidence means that based on an examination of the available information, the accusation is shown to be more likely than not that the […]

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