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Students accused of sexual violence or harassment:

A student accused of dating violence

Middle Georgia State University student accused of dating violence. No suspension or expulsion…

A student accused of harassing

Howard University female graduate student was accused of harassing another graduate student. No…

A student accused of violation of “No Contact Order”

University of California, Irvine student accused of violation of “No Contact Order” imposed…

A student who had been dismissed by the college

UC Santa Barbara student who had been dismissed by the college for Stalking…

Why a Professional Advisor

For students and faculty who are Respondents in Title IX Grievances, the consequences of being found liable can be as serious as permanent dismissal (expulsion/loss of tenure) from the institution.

Schools and Colleges are required by the US Department of Education to provide a host of services for accusers, including care advocates, trained advisors, interim protective measures and counseling. Your institution is not required to provide a similar array of services to Respondents.

The US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights requires your school, college or University to investigate every single complaint, and to apply a Preponderance of the Evidence Standard to determining the truth of the accusation. Each school is required to adopt a grievance process. These processes vary widely from Institution to Institution.

In order to overcome the burden of proof, you must present your own evidence in a convincing narrative. Mr. Rose’s experience in presenting convincing and comprehensive, well-documented narratives will help you overcome this burden.

Many students and faculty find the process of defending themselves in response to an accusation to be stressful and overwhelming. The US Department of Education Office of Civil Rights provides for very short timelines to resolve grievances under Title IX. You must develop your evidence, find your witnesses and create your defense narrative at the same time you must continue to handle the responsibilities of University life.

If you are accused of a violation of Title IX, concerning Sexual Violence, Sexual Harassment, Sexual Discrimination, or creating a Hostile Educational Environment, Mr. Rose is available to help you build your response to the accusation and develop your defense narrative so that you can maintain your focus on your work and studies while still fighting the charges.

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Here is a list of colleges and universities where Mr. Rose has advised students or faculty accused of violations of Title IX policies.

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